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What is the #1 Attraction in Eureka Springs?

WHY WE LOVE Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas –

What is the #1 Attraction in Eureka Springs? Downtown Eureka Springs! Filled with 5shopping, dining, nightlife and character strolling down Spring and Main Streets will create the perfect backdrop to your vacation.

Shop During the Day
Stroll down Main Street and explore unique shops, dine underground, have lunch, take a carriage ride, or explore the history with the Downtown Walking Tours. People watch in Basin Spring Park and see where the town was founded or see what life ??????????????????????was like in the 1900’s with a visit to the Historical Eureka Springs Museum and focus on the Springs of Eureka Springs.

Continue up to the Award Winning Spring Street and visit art galleries, boutiques and dine in local favorites that are open all year round. Whether you are shopping for your favorite pup, gourmet foods, or something to remember your trip by Downtown Eureka Springs offers spectacular shopping.

Play at Night1560520_656858597714455_532153045_n
Nightlife in Eureka Springs is unparalleled! Good times, good food, and good pubs! There are 21 bars in the downtown district and they offer something different at each one! There are casual and cool, loud and fun, and quiet cocktails. Whatever your mood you can find the perfect cocktail and dinner downtown. All the clubs are within walking distance and the taxi service stays open late to get you wherever you need to go!

Stay Downtown??????
Nothing is more fun than being in walking distance to all of the fun in Eureka Springs! Downtown offers a variety of lodging from historic properties like the Basin Park Hotel, luxury properties, cottages and cabins, Bed and Breakfasts, and even tree houses! There is something for every visitor!

No Visit to Eureka Springs is complete without time in Downtown Eureka Springs.

Basin Park 2014 Update

I am honored to invite you back to the 1905 Basin Park Hotel in Downtown Eureka Springs.

This past winter has been a busy one for our downtown team.  With the introduction of the 14Ozark Mountain Music Festival in January and the growth of our local Mardi Gras into a ten day event, we have seen our weekends during this normally quiet time become solid and fun.  And when visitation was soft on the weekdays, our team has stayed true to our mission of “Protecting the Irreplaceable” by donning painters caps and tool belts then going to work to improve the hotel.

In fact, this year saw the most dramatic aesthetic improvements in years here at the Basin.  Some of those improvements included:  hallway carpets being installed… historical artwork being installed… four dynamic guestroom renovations on our Parkside wing… elevator repair… addition of 14 new king beds and 10 new double beds… more flat screen televisions added… Balcony Bar & Restaurant carpet installation… Barefoot Ballroom foyer window and color redevelopment… a significant upgrade to The Atrium history cases… and in the Serenity Spa the addition of a “chill space” for guests and a Salon to now offer manicures and pedicures.

Although we are not done yet, our team will take off their construction clothes and move to the forefront supplying to our guests the Basin Park’s iconic quality customer service.

Furthermore, The Balcony Bar & Restaurant’s menu will undergo its annual refinement based upon our customers’ feedback.  Our reservations team has received additional all imagestraining for more streamlined and comprehensive service.  The Serenity Spa “experience” has been developed and fine-tuned.  Most exciting is the “Barefoot Bride” will emerge as our Downtown Eureka Springs wedding campaign.  This campaign will be focused around the fun and unique location that is the top floor of the Basin Park Hotel.  There, brides, family and friends capture the comfortable and real emotion of a wedding in the hotel famous for memorable celebrations.

The 1905 Basin Park Hotel is truly a one-of-a-kind Arkansas landmark.  It is through your continued support and patronage that such improvements can –and will- continue.  Thank you and please know it is your efforts that help us “Protect the Irreplaceble”, The 1905 Basin Park Hotel.


Spring Break Trip Ideas

Warm Up To The Best Spring Break You Ever “Thaw”

Just when you thought the Winter Warlock would never leave town, he has.  Defrosted and ready to welcome students, families and couples ready for Spring Break is probably the most popular destination in the Arkansas Ozarks, Eureka Springs.  Not only is flora beginning to blossom but area attractions are opening up as well.

“We anticipate this to be our biggest Spring Break in decades,” stated Bill Ott. past chairman of the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce.  “Folks in our market area have been held hostage in their  eureka springs multiple 2-smallhomes much too much this winter by cold, snow and ice.  Cabin fever is at epidemic level and Eureka Springs has the cure.”

“A huge portion of our fever-reducing Rx is the list of area attractions that reopen just in time for these marvelous weeks in March,” Ott explained.  “Everything from ghosts to big cats, from downtown tours to uptown illusions and everything in between will keep “spring breakers” well entertained while being just steps away from Mother Nature’s reawakened living room.”

A partial list of Eureka Springs attractions that will be open during Spring Break 2014 include Crescent Hotel Ghost Tours, Eureka Ghost Tours at Basin Park Hotel, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, “Hell Raisers, Hoodlums & A Heated History” Walking Tour, Eureka Springs Downtown-N-Underground Tour, Intrigue Theater, and Pig Trail Kart N Golf.  A complete list of open attractions is available by calling the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce at 800-638-7352.

“Those ‘big kids’ who really want to unwind during their spring break visit here, will visit one of the many spas that dot the hillsides of this ??????????????????????stair-step town,” Ott continued.  “And when optimum relaxation is reached, interest turns to food.  For that, Eureka Springs boasts one of the greatest selections of quality restaurants in the state.”

Unfortunately, some in Arkansas and the surrounding states have had their spring breaks cut a day or two short this year because of make-up snow days.  This means many families will be looking for an exciting destination closer to home so valuable “break” time will not be lost to hours of driving.  Plus, “spring breakers” have said that Eureka Springs is a compact enough community that even a few days can be filled with a week full of activities.

“Our research shows that one of the most popular activities during Spring Break is simply exploring this historic, distinctive destination,” noted Ott.  “Just a few feet off of a busy downtown street will put EDITED cook family explore copyyou on a forested trail that will take you to hidden treasures of a town that time forgot.  Best of all, parents feel safe enough here to allow their older kids a chance to explore on their own when accompanied by a cell phone.”

With the compact spring break season, travelers to Eureka Springs are urged to make their lodging reservations far in advance.  Some attractions, spas and restaurants require advance reservations as well.

Ott encourages those with a Spring Break to celebrate, “Put away your snow boots and down parkas and slip on your walking shoes and windbreakers.  Let this recent frozen winter be a sad memory easily erased by the happy lifetime memories that can be accumulated this year in Eureka Springs.  It’ll be the best spring break you ever ‘thaw’.”

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