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About Us

ELISE ROENIGK, Proprietor & President

In 1996, Martin (Marty) and Elise Roenigk from East Hampton, Connecticut, took a tip from a family member and decided to stop by Eureka Springs, Arkansas while visiting nearby Fayetteville. Charmed by the historic buildings in the area, the couple -in February 1997- purchased the tallest building in Eureka Springs, the downtown Basin Park Hotel, with the idea of converting the sixth and seventh floors to a bi-level apartment.

While in town, they visited another local hotel, the Crescent. What was once known as “the finest hotel west of the Mississippi” when it opened in 1886 had fallen into a dilapidated state. As devout preservationists, they acted and purchased this hotel as well. Their five-year modified plan was to “return the roofline” to this important icon (the middle portion of the hotel’s top floor disappeared in a 1967 fire) and adding a signature residence on the new fifth floor. Elise continues to live in this space today.

These two business ventures soon became the vanguards for Eureka Springs’ continuing tourism growth. Elise remains philanthropically involved in the community through her involvement with such non-profits as The Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow, Eureka Springs School of the Arts (ESSA), and Main Stage Community Center.

JACK V. MOYER, Executive Vice President & General Manager

After graduating from both Paul Smith’s College in Upstate New York and Penn State University with a Hotel Management degree from both, Jack Moyer began his career with Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania, and Adam’s Mark Hotels & Resorts.

In 1995, with his corporate career ascending, he took a risk to come to Eureka Springs and take the lead of the Basin Park Hotel. Then in 1997, the Roenigks arrived in town, purchased the Basin Park Hotel and secured Moyer as their general manager and visionary for what was to become two properties. Moyer and the Roenigks have found continued success over the decades thanks to a formula that Marty said was “Jack’s plan plus Marty’s money equals sustainability”. With Mr. Roenigk’s unfortunate death in 2009, Elise and Jack continued that flourishing formula through today using the legacy of Marty’s leadership and a shared commitment to the “Company Creed” that the trio formulated early in their hospitality coalition.

Along with the financial success of hotels he has managed and the widespread growth of the tourism industry where he has offered his dedicated leadership, Moyer has been duly recognized: Adam’s Mark Manager of the Year, Arkansas Hospitality Association’s Gold Key Award given to the state’s top lodging professional, Hotel Industry Accomplishment Award given annually to a Penn State University Hotel Management alumnus, just to name a few

“The Company Creed”

Create Lifetime Memories - It is through the experiences of our guests that positive word of mouth is generated. This positive word of mouth is the basis of our success. Therefore, Creating Lifetime Memories for our guests is the primary foundation of our overall success.

Protecting The Irreplaceable - There is only one 1905 Basin Park Hotel and one 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa. If lost, they would gone forever. Therefore, profit must be generated, but a profit that must be reinvested back into the preservation of the two buildings and their grounds. There is no sustainability without economic sustainability.

Build the Individual - While our buildings are our landmarks, they only provide half of the formula for the creation of lifetime memories. The other half of that winning formula is our team of dedicated hospitality employees. We believe strongly that opportunities must be made available to build the individual through continued education and promotion from within; exemplary in our local tourism industry.

Be Community Minded - Eureka Springs is a small destination that attracts many as visitors, workers and citizens. We all play a part and our hotels understand that we must participate actively -both financially and through personal participation- to keep the community organizations that serve these three community elements vibrant and perpetual.

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