Barefoot Ball

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Forehan receiving the Key to Eureka Springs from A. J. Russell

Barefoot Honeymoon

Eureka Springs' Barefoot Ball was inpsired by the appearance of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Forehan of Santa Ana, California who came here last year on a honeymoon financed by the "Truth or Consequences" radio show on the condition they wear no shoes during the trip. At the end of a week's visit manager Joe Parkhill of the Basin Park Hotel originated the Barefoot Ball in their honor. They are receiving the "Key to Eureka Springs" from A. J. Russell.

Marge Forehan Pruitt and 1999 Ozark Folk Festival Queen Rosemary Leahy remove their shoes in preperation for the 52nd annual Barefoot Ball

Celebrities Prepare

Marge Forehan Pruitt, left, who was honored with the first Barefoot Ball in 1948, and 1999 Ozark Folk Festival Queen Rosemary Leahy, get their shoes off at the 52nd annual event atop the Basin Park Hotel. Pruitt and her son, Jeff, attended the week’s activities and commented on how friendly and helpful everyone was. Pruitt, who remarried after losing her husband of 45 years, is a resident of Irvine, Calif. (Photo by David McNeal)