Your Visit to Downtown Eureka Springs

“Be in The Moment” During Your Family Vacation to the 1905 Basin Park Hotel in Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas          

When asked, “Be in the Moment” tends to be the most common response by visitors to the Downtown Eureka Springs’ 1905 Basin Park Hotel.  It is not surprising for one never knows what to expect on a visit to the center of the historic, shopping and entertainment district of one of America’s most interesting places to visit.  Street parades marching by.  Pop-up musicians playing your favorite tune.  Jugglers performing.  Artists creating art right before your eyes.  Ice cream cone moustaches being formed above a smile.  Balloon animals magically appearing.  Simple people-watching the interesting individuals who flock to Basin Spring Park.   All of these experiences create the family-friendly inner personality that shines brightly in this “Extaordinary Escape” Arkansas Ozark’s community during the summer months.

An overnight at the 1905 Basin Park hotel only compliments what occurs on the street.  Best friends -oftentimes mother and daughter combinations- are regular visitors to the hotel’s Spa1905 for group facials.  Couples love hanging out on the spa’s huge sun deck or relaxing in the hot tub.  Adult guests are attuned to listening for the break of pool balls during a friendly game of eight ball in the Lucky 7 Rooftop Billiards parlor.  All guests casually enjoy the common occurrence of music echoing from the most popular restaurant in town, The Balcony).   Evenings bring ghost hunting throughout the hotel from “the rooftop to the ‘Bootleggers Cave’” during the Basin Park’s Ghost Adventour.  This popular attraction brings both an adventure and a ghost tour while teaching a few ghost hunting tips where the kids can extend their exploration until their comfortable bed calls.

It should be noted, that guests of the 1905 Basin Park Hotel can also splash in the mountaintop pool of the 1886 Crescent Hotel, sister hotel of the Basin Park.  A hotel shuttle will take guests to and from so no need to use the family car or SUV.  By the way, the shuttle is also available for families to use for transportation to and from many local area restaurants.

The city itself has expanded Eureka Springs’ 2019 menu of fun family things to do.  That menu includes nuances and traditional venues that have been entertaining families for generation after generation.  Here are just a few:

  • Escape Room 13 – The adaptation of the 1922 Eureka Springs Bank Heist crafted into a story that anyone from 8 years old to over 80 years old can enjoy. It’s a hands-on experience with secret messages, hidden passages and more. Not a scary event and quite family friendly.
  • Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge – More than 100 rescued animals now call Turpentine Creek’s 459 acres home. Animals include tigers, lions, leopards, cougars, bobcats, bears, ligers, servals, monkeys and a macaw.  These beautiful creatures were abandoned, abused and neglected but now rescued to enjoy a happy, stress free life in wonderful natural habitats.  Daily tours are available.
  • Ozark Mountain Ziplines – Soar through the air from up to 300 feet high with cable lengths from up to 2,000 feet long over vast, gorgeous Ozark hardwood trees and limestone cliffs. Experience 10 cables and one swinging bridge during two hours of fun per tour for persons three years of age or older.  Open daily except Wednesdays.
  • Mountain Biking Trails – Mountain biking has become the new adventure for Eureka Springs. Miles and miles of trails of all kinds for riding skill levels of all kinds crisscross the community for families to enjoy on two wheels.   Lake Leatherwood City Park, Great Passion Play trail system, Eureka’s In-City System, and the most spectacular downhill biking course on the Oz Trails System… just waiting to be shred.
  • Onyx Cave – The oldest show cave in Arkansas awaits new eyes to behold its splendor. Discovered in 1893, this collection of underground natural flowstone creations is perfect for the family.  Located just six miles east of Eureka, this unique self-guided tour with easy access ramps offers a constant underground temperature of 57 degrees the year ‘round.
  • Intrigue Theater – Experience the intrigue of spending an evening with a world-class illusionist and an awe-inspiring medium. Even the most hardened cynics are amazed by what they encounter.  The performance features nationally acclaimed illusionist Sean-Paul and medium Juliana Fay performing in the elegant and elaborate setting in the mysterious Gavioli Theater.  Performances Wednesday through Saturday nights.  For exact schedule.
  • Big Water – For families who like to enjoy the “big water”, just minutes from downtown are Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake, Lake Leatherwood, and the two rivers: Kings and White enabling a “splashtastic” time. Bringing along a kayak, canoe, motorboat, or just a blow-up raft or innertube on your Eureka Springs’ vacation would not be out of order.  You might also throw in a fishing pole or two for developing your very own fish tales.

In Eureka Springs you truly can escape from your everyday life; become immersed in the this totally unique, little Ozark village; and simply adopt the ‘Be in the Moment’ philosophy.  This allows you to share your time and full attention with the people who mean the most to you: your family.

That is why families who long to ‘be in the moment’ with each other on a one-of-a-kind summer vacation, tend to choose the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, where the most fun is.

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