May is Preservation Month: Preservation is Not Possible Without You

Basin park Hotel

In a Year that owner Elise Roenigk was recognized by  Historic Hotels of America as a Lifetime Achievement Recipient for her work in preserving the 1886 Crescent Hotel, 1905 Basin Park Hotel, and the Historic War Eagle Mill, we say thanks to you for allowing that to become a reality.  

It is ONLY through your visitation and support that we can reinvest all profits back in these iconic destinations and save them for future generations to enjoy. 

Our Report back to you on how your receipts have been re-invested in Arkansas History:

At the Basin Park Hotel:

  • Basin Park Hotel Air Conditioning Improvements to the Ballroom Foyer
  • Basin Park Hotel Balcony Roof and New Canopy
  • Improvements and the addition of parking lots for Basin Park guests
  • Basin Park Hotel new hallway Flooring
  •  Full change and upgrade to the Basin Park Fire Service
  • An expansion of the Colossal Bakery to bring fresh baked goods to the hotels and Mill
  • Dozens of Rooms receiving new guest room carpet
  • The Full Renovation and expansion of Spa1905

Spa1905 Updates


At the Crescent Hotel: 

  • Crescent Hotel boiler upgrade expanding hot water capacity
  • Expansive investment in the Crescent Hotel roof
  • Renovation of historic guestroom 110 into an ADA accessible two queen room
  • Renovation of the Crescent Hotel entryway – with a rebuild of steps to uniform code
  • Updating the New Moon Spa corridor and treatment rooms
  • Addition of state-of-the-art massage tables to New Moon Spa
  • Crescent Hotel pool upgrades
  • Expansion of the Frisco Sporting Club and new Hatchet Course
  • Return to the size, stature, and wood construction of the ORIGINAL Entry stairs (now the Back Stairs)
  • The addition of a food trailer to  the Frisco Sporting Club Food and bringing food to the pool
  • A conversion on the Crescent Gas Lamps to LED
  • Sodding and beautifying the East Lawn of the Crescent Hotel
  • Installation of two new Crescent Conservatory Doors
  • Crescent Hotel Television upgrades

Crescent Hotel front steps update

Back Stairs:

Pool Deck:


Purchase and renovation of The Ridge – employee housing and daycare 


At War Eagle Mill

  • Launched an Effort to Protect the Stream
  • Upgrading the grease trap and completing a Septic Repair and Restaurant/menu modification
  • Repaired and Repainted the Mill and its complementary buildings
  • Restarted the Milling process for visitors and interpretive presentation
  • Completed a full renovation of the Mill’s third floor, adding windows, upgrading electric/HVAC, sanding and sealing the wood floor, and ultimately creating a beautiful banquet facility for weddings and events