Basin Park Hotel Special Paranormal Investigation

Eureka Springs Ghost Tours

Prepare for an exciting adventure this October as we delve into the mysteries of the Basin Park Hotel. Recent times have seen an uptick in ghostly activity, leaving us with many questions. Who are these spirits, and what stories do they carry? Join us in a special Paranormal Investigation, where a skilled psychic will help us explore the unknown.

As a Basin Park Hotel guest, you have the exclusive opportunity to join the Paranormal Investigation team and immerse yourself in the experience, assisting them to dig deeper into the heart of paranormal mysteries and supernatural occurrences with the use of our most up-to-date investigative equipment. The REM Pod, a staple in the paranormal world, detects fluctuations in electromagnetic fields, providing potential communication from entities beyond. The laser grid illuminates the space with a matrix of light beams, offering a visual reference for any movement, while the thermal imaging camera reveals temperature anomalies, allowing you to peer into the invisible world that surrounds us.

The lead investigator of the Basin Park Hotel Team declares, “There are still more questions than answers regarding who some of our spirits are but with the help of all involved on a regular basis (and opportunities such as this special investigation), pieces of the paranormal mystery puzzle are coming together “.

Each night will begin and end in the reserved haunted rooms, but we will also investigate the entire hotel from top to bottom, where you will learn about the history and all the hauntings. We’ll gather together in conclusion each night to celebrate our discoveries and share our exciting findings.

Please note that this exclusive experience is limited to a select group of 20 paranormal investigators who are guests of the hotel, as our exploration ventures into the late hours, extending well past midnight.

Are you ready to be part of this extraordinary journey? Book your stay now and prepare to uncover the mysteries that await within the historic walls of the Basin Park Hotel.

Available October 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th or 31st.
Starting at $149 before taxes and fees. Includes one room night plus two investigations.

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