May is Preservation Month

As we celebrate Preservation Month this May, designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, we at Basin Park Hotel reflect on the significance of heritage tourism and the preservation of historic sites. This year’s theme, “People Saving Places,” underscores the collective effort required to maintain places of historical importance, such as the Basin Park Hotel.

The story of the Basin Park Hotel is intertwined with that of Elise Roenigk, who, along with her late husband Marty, was captivated by the historic charm of our town’s buildings back in 1997. Their initial purchase of our hotel marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to the preservation and enhancement of our local heritage. It wasn’t long before they expanded their stewardship to include the Crescent Hotel, further solidifying their dedication to our historic district.

Under Elise’s guidance, Basin Park Hotel has seen numerous renovations, all carefully executed to maintain the authentic spirit of the era while providing modern comforts to our guests. Her philosophy that every old building can be saved and restored has driven our efforts, ensuring that our hotel not only remains a functional part of the community but also a preserved piece of history.

Elise’s vision, supported by Marty’s initial inspiration, is fundamental to our mission. The creed “Protecting the Irreplaceable” has evolved to encompass our team’s collective drive to create lifetime memories for our guests. Marty’s vision, with its three main points – capturing a period in history, developing a sustainable revenue model in re-use, and staying relevant to today – continues to inspire us daily.

Elise’s resolve, complemented by Marty’s vision, is furthered by Jack Moyer, our Executive Vice President and General Manager, whose meticulous planning and budgeting are crucial in bringing these preservation projects to fruition. Jack’s deep understanding of the balance between historical accuracy and contemporary needs ensures that each project not only respects but enhances the unique character of our hotel.

Our skilled construction team also plays a vital role in this ongoing endeavor. Their expertise in historical renovations and their commitment to excellence ensure that every update and restoration honors the original craftsmanship and integrity of the building.

Of course, our efforts would be incomplete without the support of you, our valued guests. Every visit, whether for a weekend getaway, a meal at our restaurant, or a special event, contributes directly to the preservation of the Basin Park Hotel. Your engagement and enthusiasm for our historic site help us keep the story of this place vibrant and alive.

This Preservation Month, we invite you to join us in celebrating the people behind the preservation and the continued legacy of the Basin Park Hotel. Your presence here not only allows you to experience a piece of living history but also supports our ongoing mission to protect and cherish it.