Autumn Get Together

Connect with friends who love live music and the outdoors in Eureka Springs during our Autumn Get Together.  Open your senses to natural wonders, yoga, live music, hiking, biking, and other spirited activities. Gather your tribe and recharge your batteries with an autumn escape to your favorite place from November 12th to  November 24th.

Get Together activities include a preview show of the Ozark Mountain Music Festival (OzMoMu), daily hikes, yoga, mountain bike rides, and signature events to include an Opus One tasting event and Champagne Sunday Brunch at the Crescent Hotel.

Signature Event: Flight Night

Prepare to activate all five senses for Flight Night, scheduled for Saturday, November 20th beginning at 4 PM.

An Opus One, Behind the Scenes Tasting Adventure, Flight Night begins by gathering on the top floor, Your group of ten friends will meet their host to climb a flight of stairs to the Roof.   A FLIGHT of Craft Beer to TASTE is the reward as is the breathtaking view you will see looking in all directions of Eureka Springs.  The Crow’s Nest sits at the highest point in downtown and you are in the crow’s position.  

Back inside your Behind the Scenes tasting adventure works its way down to the Barefoot Ballroom with a brief stop to hear tales of performers past and the antics of the infamous Joe Parkhill.

Down to the Bootlegger’s cave, a known speakeasy, for your featured tasting of Opus One Reserve, pulled directly from the Roenigk wine cellar.  Your group of ten will slowly enjoy tasting the full bottle paired with a specially prepared charcuterie, but you are not alone.  This is the most haunted space and we will break out the paranormal investigation equipment just to check if anyone else is sensing your energy.

Then it’s up the flight of stairs through the Rabbett Hole into Jack Rabbetts Whisky Bar.  Here you will smell the aura of a great whisky, distilled custom for the Basin Park Hotel’s Jack Rabbett’s Whisky Bar.  Our Dickel expert will share stories of its unique process and introduce s three selections flight of whisky to include Jack Rabbett Select.  

Flight Night lands in JR’s Game Room for fun surrounded by the hotel archives.

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With warm days, cool nights, and fewer bugs; November is ideal for hiking and mountain biking in the Ozark Mountains.  The downtown Eureka Springs and specifically the 1905 Basin Park Hotel is where many signature hiking and biking opportunities are easily accessed. 

Daily Hikes/Yoga/Mountain Biking

Mornings start by focusing on you.  Mid-week yoga locations include the grounds of the Crescent Hotel, The Local Community Center, a healthy eatery/smoothie bar, and even on the roof of the Basin Park Hotel.

Throughout the day, meet-up groups form to include guided trips that enjoy the spectacular views and gorgeous mountain scenery of The Ozark Mountains.  Mountain bikers will ride Lake Leatherwood City Park, the Great Passion Play Trails, and Marble Flats.   Hikers immerse their group even more in the fall weather by hiking a trail or two during your stay.  Eureka Springs boasts many trails to explore for both novice and experienced hikers.   

Get Together Deals

  • Community of Friends Rate $75 Mid-week  
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Arguably the best part about going on vacation is immersing yourself in the local culture by sampling some of the area fare.  Eureka Springs is home to a wide range of dining experiences. Each location is packed with authenticity and special signatures that will only be found here. 

Evenings include Tap Take-Overs and brewery visits.  We will feature a daily route to sit and relax with a craft beer at one of our pubs.  You’ll fall in love with the stories, the character, the views, and the charm of each local brewery.

AUTUMN Get Together – Schedule

11/12 – 11/14 Eureka Springs Folk Festival
11/15 – 11/27 Mid-Week Activities:
Sunday November 14th:  5pm, Jack Rabbett’s Tap Takeover
        Monday, November 15th: 1pm Guided Hike
                                                        5pm Skybar Gourmet Pizza Tap Takeover
         Tuesday, November 16th: 8am Yoga at Love Greens ($10)
                                                         1pm Guided Bike Ride     
                                                         4pm-7pm Eureka Springs Brewery Visit
                                                         6pm Yoga at Eureka Springs Community Center ($11)   
         Wednesday, November 17th:   1pm Guided Hike     
                                                                 5pm Jack Rabbett’s Whisky Bar Tap Takeover       
        Thursday, November 18th:  1pm Guided Bike Ride     
                                                           4pm-7pm Gotahold Brewery Visit   
        Friday, November 19th:  10am Yoga at the Crescent Hotel
                                                      4pm – 6pm Ozark Mountain Music Festival Preview Show 
        Saturday, November 20th: 10am Yoga at the Crescent Hotel
                                                      4pm to FLIGHT NIGHT – Opus One – Behind the Scenes Tasting Adventure  Get Tickets
         Sunday, November 21st: 12pm-2pm Tattinger’s Champagne Sunday Brunch  Get Tickets
         Monday, November 22nd: 1pm Guided Hike
                                                        5pm Skybar Gourmet Pizza Tap Takeover
         Tuesday, November 23rd: 8am Yoga at Love Greens ($10)
                                                         1pm Guided Bike Ride       
                                                         4pm-7pm Eureka Springs Brewery Visit
                                                         6pm Yoga at Eureka Springs Community Center ($11)   
         Wednesday, November 24th:   1pm Guided Hike  
                                                                 5pm Jack Rabbett’s Whisky Bar Tap Takeover       

Each year in Eureka Springs and the Ozark Mountains, the time period from Folk Festival and Thanksgiving opens a perfect window to get away before the holidays begin.  This hidden value season is ideal for friends to meet up to shred trails, hike the Ozarks and stretch the soul while turning nightly to home base for a craft beer, hearty meal, or memorable tasting adventure.  This travel has bloomed organically and will now evolve forward and grow annually as the Eureka Springs Autumn Get Together.